Thursday, November 22, 2018

Core Strengthening as Prevention

As a chiropractor and personal trainer, Dr. Jay McClanahan is trained to help patients improve their core strength. Back pain can be caused by all sorts of things, but one constant is that strong back muscles will help to take the strain off discs and ligaments, making them less vulnerable to overuse injuries.

As you could guess from its name, the core isn’t just the muscles that are visible from the outside. The rectus abdominis, the one seen in front, is the six-pack muscle, but toning it alone doesn’t do much to take pressure off the back. Instead, you want to strengthen all your core muscles, including the transverse abdominis that binds around the lower back and organs, the multifidi muscles that link up the spine, the obliques that connect the ribs to the pelvis, and the hip muscles that connect to the pelvis and influence the position of the lower spine. Increasing these muscles’ flexibility, if done properly, will prevent them from fraying.

You’ll need to consult with us to ensure you’re doing exercises that are safe for you and that you’re adding reps at an appropriate pace. But in general, it’s best to stick with low or no-impact exercises such as bird-dogging, flutter kicks, and planks, especially if you’re just starting out or recovering from an injury. Don’t try to continue on your own if you feel pain, but regular exercises are the most important preventive measure for back injuries.

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